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Hello World. This is the new At least, that’s what I’m starting with.

For the uninitiated, my name is Mr Wonx. I’ve been doing this sort of semblance of a website since 2001. At it’s peak, it has had a whopping 20-something users and visitors to the site, in the time before bots. That means today, with it’s 100 or so visitors, it has it’s peak viewership, and those viewers aren’t even human. That’s both sad and kind of reassuring. I have had people, content and the like, in a time before. But I die-greg (not so subtle TikTok reference).

So has always been a rambling to a select crowd. At it’s start, I mostly tried me hand at web design tests, a message board for my friends, some comic book and anime content. Then it evolved into One Piece Haven, a message board and news site for the Japanese Anime One Piece. Yep, this humble little site has been a leach at one of the longest running Shonin series. Fast forward, and the forums had that peak influence that was bound to take over the internet with such things like “My Story” and “The Fuzzies” (god, I hope I am remembering that name right). But we were stricken down ahead of our time by the machinations of early Facebook. See, Zuckerberg feared our little site, and created his own to take messaging and updating others on what we were doing, eating, and being racists against, and invited more people to join that, thus crippling this site.

If you can’t already tell by my impeccable writing style, this was at one point a small hub for a nerdy group of 20-somethings to go and be nerdy. And as social media grew, we just took it over there. The site laid dormant for a while, popping back up as I had a new hobby. Eventually, my tabletop group used it for a few things, before it eventually became “Karpe DM”. What is that? You don’t remember Karpe DM? The most happening spot for all your D&D news and funny one liners? We were ahead of our time. In the days before Critical Roll, we pioneered sharing of our campaign hilarity on this blog, purposely misspelling Carpe Diem as our subtle way to subvert expectation, not totally because we couldn’t get anything closer to it in spelling and wanted to use the tag line “Seize the DM”.

Karpe DM sat dormant, killed by hubris and a lack of interest, until the domain was stolen. Or was it that I forgot to renew the domain? Must have been stolen, that doesn’t sound like me at all.

So now has risen from it’s slumber. What will it become? A mighty behemoth, ready to spill my ramblings to the masses? A media juggernaut, ready to unleash new content for games you and I may be playing? A international powder keg of info for media giants from Japan and around the globe? Or another in a long line of little projects that get scrapped after one or two posts. We will have to wait and see . . .

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  1. Glad to see this domain is in the right hands still, funny I visited it for the first time in 15 years right after your first post.


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